You can't change your past. But what about your future?

HOPE ROAD, a crime thriller set in the English city of Leeds, is the 1# novel in the John Ray / LS9 series. It is available for Kindle now at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

John Ray, son of crime boss Antonio 'Tony' Ray, is the straight one of the family. With a successful business and a lifestyle to match, he wants nothing to do with his father's criminal world. But what does that world want with him?
A young prostitute is found dead in John's car, and Freddy Metcalfe, his best friend and employee, is framed for her death. Freddy denies everything but it's an open and shut case: he's going down for murder. John sets out to find the real killer.

But things get complicated. A stash of counterfeit money was also found in Johns car, and the police seem more interested in that than in the dead girl.

Then Lanny Bride turns up; one of the north's most ruthless criminals (and an old friend of the Ray family), Lanny is desperate to know who killed the girl. But why? Meanwhile, Freddy is too scared to talk to anyone, even his lawyer.

John's police detective girlfriend, Denise Danson, has been warned off the case by her boss. But she doesn't believe Freddy is guilty, and secretly helps John look for the murderer. The problem, though, is that uncovering the shocking truth about the girl's death will force John to confront his own criminal past and risk destroying his future, as well as losing the only woman he's ever loved.

A novel set in Leeds, this is the first crime thriller in the John Ray / LS9 series.


Crime thriller fans, this novel is a must read.
Jersey Girl Book Reviews

A gripping read... A fascinating study in dark and evil... The stuff of Great British grit and dark, dark humour... But what is most enjoyable about Barlow's writing isn't his story archs or plotting, but his characters, dialogue and sense of place... Beautifully cinematic, far more cinematic than a McDermid or a Rankin.

I can't wait for the next book. Hope Road is a fast-paced, exciting novel.
Preferred Reading

Barlow throws in plenty of twists... he spins the yarn in fast-paced, very readable prose. He also does a good job with the setting, the English city of Leeds, and made me feel like I'd been there. HOPE ROAD is a fine novel, the first in a series, and I look forward to reading the others.
Rough Edges

This book was fantastic!!  Plenty of fast paced, edge of your seat action, and a plot twist or two when you least expect it. A wonderful who-done-it!! This book could be made into a movie that I would go see. Well done John Barlow!!  I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

I loved the story, good plot and plenty of interest for the reader.  Little twists and turns and an ending I did not expect.

A wonderful read which I highly recommend. [...] An engrossing story with fascinating and complex characters. The setting is wonderfully portrayed. A tremendously exciting debut and I look forward to more from John Barlow. Bravo!
The Guy with the Glasses

Very highly recommended. Exactly the kind of book I love. And I did love it. One thing I am quite certain about is that I will be reading more about John Ray, and I hope you do too.
Meeka's Mind

John [Ray] is a great character.
Beth Kemp

I enjoyed it tremendously. Barlow gives us a few twists and turns along the way to keep us on our feet. I look forward to new entries and where he takes the series.
Not the Baseball Pitcher

I don't know when I've read anything quite so visual. If I had friends who worked in British television, I would tell them that Hope Road would make a great program.
Letters from Hill Farm

A pretty gripping story. There was a good pace to it and the way that just as you thought things were getting wrapped up in one area another little strand would come up that would need to be resolved. The description of the city was great too.
Click's Clan

Moves along at a fast pace and carefully unfolds the story. An intriguing murder mystery from start to finish. I will look forward to further instalments.
Welcome to Tweedling

John Ray is an unlikely hero, the kind that you'll enjoy getting to know. When you come to the novel's end, you'll be curious to find out where Barlow plans to take John Ray in upcoming installments.
Nights and Weekends

John Barlow does a great job of not confusing the reader, and leaving clues along the way as to the identity of the killer and it finishes well, leaving the reader satisfied with the outcome.
A Kindle and Kittens

This is an intriguing beginning for author John Barlow [...] A strong start.
His Futile Preoccupations

The plot was solid with a good dash of twists and turns.  The whodunit aspect was handled well and the ending was pretty satisfying. 
Word Vagabond

The main protagonist is a complex, interesting guy with a lot of shady history. I really took to John Ray and I want to know what happens to him next, so I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.
Today I Did This For Me

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